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Financial Automation Solutions for use in Healthcare Combining an intelligent, cloud-based, intuitive platform built from the ground-up using Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation along with our trained and certified coding and billing specialists, we help Healthcare provider organizations to streamline their medical billing process, enhance revenue growth, mitigate all causes of revenue leakage and drive administrative efficiency. AI-enabled digital assistants work hand-in-hand with human workers to optimize the revenue cycle.
Intelligent automation solution for Healthcare With our automated, cloud-based, paperless solution, Aveta can replace manually processing paper invoices. This can help decrease errors and deliver quicker payments to suppliers. You can return to what really counts by concentrating on patient care with Aveta.
Our solutions help industry leaders
Claims Processing
Aveta BOTs are capable of automating the receipt, assessment, and management of incoming claims from providers to accurately extract necessary data, spot exceptions, and complete invoice processing and payment.
Revenue Cycle Management
Aveta BOTs can enhance several revenue cycle operations, including patient on-boarding, claim rejection management, DRG Review, co-pay calculation, and invoicing, by accurately extracting data from documents, processing it, and then transferring it to other systems and formats with up to 100% accuracy.
Procure-to-Pay offers the most automated Procure-to-Pay Platform for Healthcare Industry - A GPO agnostic solution that streamlines e-Invoice, Statement Reconciliation, Hospital Authorisation, Supplier Portal, PO Flip - Invoice Registration etc.
Workflow automation Remove barriers to operational excellence with Intelligent automation that harnesses the transformative power of RPA, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to turbocharge revenue cycle processes, deliver increased revenue, reduce costs and achieve full regulatory compliance. Orchestrate and automate complex business processes by connecting all your applications with powerful automated workflows. Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes with smart automation leading to improved efficiency and reliable process execution.
Providers, we’ve got you covered. Aveta is your strategic partner for enhancing revenue growth and driving administrative efficiency. Our team of experts and helpful, guiding technology shift the burden of collections off your shoulders, so you can focus on patient care. The state-of- the-art platform keep you fully informed of your practice’s financial health through real-time insights and on-demand reporting.
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Maximize revenue
AI powered revenue collection maximizes revenue by identifying trends, finding areas of improvement and discovering opportunities for growth.
Reduce errors
Comprehensive and automated claim scrubbing engine detect, correct and minimize errors in real-time before the claim is released to the payer.
Reduce denials
Data driven solution to mitigate risks to your revenue stream by reducing denial rate, revenue backlogs and lost reimbursement opportunities.
Improve after care experience for patients
Easy to use and intuitive platform helps patients understand the services they were charged for, how to pay, and who to contact with questions.
Highly scalable, feature-rich, secure, and autonomous revenue cycle management solution specifically designed for your modern practice.
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